What is hemp? That’s the question most people have been asking. Well, hemp belongs to Cannabis Sativa group hence a cannabis plant. It is an amazingly versatile plant which has played a vital role in human life. Despite it being a cannabis plant, hemp produces important resources like clothing, rope among others. As a plant, hemp has a high level of CBD and low concentration of THC.

Over the years, hemp market has experienced some challenges, but due to the popularity of CBD, the industry is gaining renaissance. Also, the demand for natural products has seen to influence the hemp market. As a result, hemp and its product have made the farmers to cultivate it in bulk. Here are the uses of hemp:

As a source of CBD

In the last three decades, CBD industry has taken a new direction. Because of many benefits associated with the cannabis plant, there has been an increase in demand for CBD-related products. Hemp has been identified as one of the major sources of CBD. It is also believed that products made of hemp plant are used to treat:

  • insomnia,
  • anxiety
  • and depression problems.


Hemp is grown for fiber. It is extracted from the cannabis plant stem and used to make sturdy fabrics, ropes, paper, and fiberboard. Hemp fiber is not new to us; it has been there for millennia. Fiber is essential in the human race, therefore, many people have identified hemp plant as the main source. Just to mention, this reflects the future market of hemp.


Hemp’s seeds are beneficial to our health. They are extremely nutritious. This was first was first discovered by the Indians and Ancient Chinese. The seeds have health, nutty taste that makes them unique and whenever you come across them, you just feel to consume them. They can be sprouted, eaten raw, dried and taken as powder and ground up. Additionally, these seeds contain beneficial oils that are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Mostly, it contains a good ratio of omega. Moreover, hemp seeds can be applied to extract hemp milk that has more nutrients. Why is hem not a food? The answer is clear.


You could be wondering how! Remarkably, the stalks and oil from hemp can be used as biofuels. A good example is biodiesel which is also called “hempoline” This product is significant in the power industry. The biofuel is commonly used to power engines. Guess what? The Hemp is the raw material used in this.

Building material

Useful building materials can be made from hemp. Such include concrete-like blocks that are commonly known as “hempcrete,” wood replacements and biodegradable plastics. In North Carolina, these materials are used to manufacture many things that include cars, houses, and electronics. In 2010, the first house made of hemp building materials was discovered in America.

As seen, hemp has many advantages in human life. It is a bio-friendly alternative you can rely in practical usages. As the days unfold each other, Hemp industry will continue to flourish. One only thing left is to educate and build awareness of the general public.